Welcome to AgileWARE™ - Agile Workforce And Resource Enablement From TSI

TSI's AgileWARE™ built on top of CloudShell from Quali provides all the necessary tools and workflows to support your As a Service implementation no matter the cloud, infrastructure or workflow. This enterprise solution is user and vendor agnostic allowing you to scale your environment and support both legacy and future tools and resources. Build your own "as a Service" implementation to support DevOps, Cyber, DecSecOps, Test, Demo, Training HPC, and AI/DL/ML use case quickly and easily to match your production network complete with DIY portal, automation libraries, integration to services, traffic generation and support for industry standard tools and infrastructure. 

Easy to use self service portal with complete instructions and automation turn complex setup and activities into single click and fast automation for your "as a service" delivery. 

Click below for a quick introduction to TSI AgileWARE™ Middleware