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Our customers below (a small representation) have multiple automation solutions which we have helped implement.  The end result is hundreds of millions of dollars saved in CAPEX and OPEX, while increasing quality and reducing time to market in applications from Cloud Based DevOps to Telecom Test.  Reach out to us today to find out how some of these leading edge companies maintain their edge by implementing our solutions.


Working with Technical Systems Integrators (TSI) on providing a Defense customer with automation to a large-scale testbed has been invaluable.  TSI provides the automation knowledge to help drive the best architectural solutions and the technical depth to actually make it happen.  Our customer has seen large decreases in test times; in one case for an IP router from 3 months down to less than a day.  That is huge!  Now the customer can turn around regression testing of vendor releases overnight.  Security patches or bug fixes no longer have to pile up waiting for the test team to verify.  The customer can re-establish saved testbed configurations within minutes and by the end of the day have an answer if the release is a go.  I highly recommend TSI in providing flexible technological solutions with large returns on investment.” 


Joseph Pagan, Program Engineering Director, By Light (Encore 3 DISA Contract)

“With TestShell Framework we are now able to test more than double the amount of potential failure points with a much higher degree of accuracy. For some product sets, we’ve seen as much as 70% efficiency gains.TestShell has allowed us to significantly improve both the quality and speed of product testing.We expect additional benefits in the upcoming months as we introduce TestShell to other areas within the company.” 

Andy Mulavik VP of Operations, Vology (Now TriFecta)

“TSI has been instrumental in our helping us build our Federated Testbed architecture'”
Kelvin Moore, Chief of TestBed Operations, JITC
“I don't understand why everyone in our industry isn't using TestShell, but I'm glad they don't!”
Kevin Uptegraph, VP of Operations, Altantix Global Systems (now part of CX-TEC)
"Cypherpath with TSI's support and Blackboard integration has allowed us to offer a superior training environment for our students. TSI has gone the extra mile in support of the online lab environment for our Master's program in Cyber Security, responding quickly to issues and working hard to ensure smooth delivery of our content."  
Head of Cyber Masters Program - Liberty University
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