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  • TSI announces a partnership with Shamaym software to integrate it into our Cyber Range as a Service offering and become a distributor for North America.  For more info and the press release click here!
  • COVID-19 Notes:  TSI is committed to a safe and healthy workplace and is practicing social distancing and CDC guidelines throughout our organization and when interacting with your organization. TSI has been a distributed workforce and automated to support your needs remotely for the past 2 decades. 
  • TSI announces Devgisticshas been acquired by Docker.  This tool is great for a protected and serviceable version of Harbor's Repo for Containers. For more info click here!
  • TSI has just signed an agreement to resell Pluribus's Layer1-3 networking fabric.  AgileWARE can control automation of this new fabric to help connect geographically distributed labs automate infrastructure deployments for all sorts of users.  
  • TSI is helping bring to market a new capability brought to the container market from CAST AI. This new tool can help you save serious amounts of money on your cloud instances. Automatic real time sizing and optimizing are just some of the features it delivers.   Click here for a trial to see for yourself!
  • October 18, 2021 — Comtech Telecommunications Corp. (NASDAQ: CMTL), a leading global provider of next-generation 911 emergency systems and secure wireless communications technologies, announced today, that during its first quarter of fiscal year 2022, it launched a new cybersecurity brand, CyberStronger™.CyberStronger provides cybersecurity solutions and services tailored to threat monitoring and assessment, training, and workforce development. Offerings include cyber threat detection and management, off-the-shelf and custom training, hands-on skills labs, and competency-based assessments mapped to cybersecurity job roles. The CyberStronger solutions will also include the CYBRScore® set of products that provide hands-on assessments and training to upskill and reskill cybersecurity workforces. These solutions were created by a team of former national intelligence community members who have the practical cybersecurity experience and abilities required to meet the demanding needs of Comtech’s customer base which includes large universities, government entities, and enterprise-level corporations. Additional information about CyberStronger is available at and about CYBRScore® at
  • Looking for the utmost in HPC infrastructure performance? GigaIO has just released its announcement on support of PCIe Gen4 with 256GBs performance and sub 200 nsec latency for almost any HPC use case.   We have built a LaaS integration to support HPCaaS for a new paradigm for HPC consumption. Click here to download the datasheet on this technology release!
  • TSI also welcomes DDN to our family of storage products with their acquisition of the Intelliflash product line under the TinTri Storage division. 
  • TSI welcomes Huber-Suhner Polatis Layer 1 Optical switches to the family of TSI products. Checkout the best performing optical switches today! For more information on the combining of CloudShell and Layer 1 Switching to allows remote control of your lab and facilitates Working From Remote/Home (WFH/WFR) click here! Checkout our new blog on the benefits of work from home/remote.
  • Congrats to the team at TSI for gartnering a registered trademark for our AgileWARE® offering. Click here for the latest link on our capability. Now you can drag and drop VMs in CloudShell and support hardware, SDI OS and other cloud providers (AWS, Azure, VMware, HyperV, etc.) all from a single pane of glass. Check out AgileWARE from TSI and have us help you determine your ROI with our free ROI audit on Infrastructure Automation! 
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