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Disrupt and Eliminate hackers before they succeed! 

Ridgeback stops lateral movement like no other.


Why Ridgeback?

After an attacker has gained an initial foothold in a network, they look to broaden and cement further control over your endpoints, data and systems. This activity is known as lateral movement.

Ridgeback stops lateral movement by disrupting network discovery by attackers and eliminates them before they can succeed.

Almost all types of cyber-attacks involve some kind of lateral movement. Yet, the lateral movement remains undetected by nearly all cybersecurity products..


70% of exploits involve lateral movement. On average, the hackers’ dwell time is 277 days.


After breaching your network, an attacker lies in wait, silently conducting reconnaissance to observe and map the network. Their goal is to expand their knowledge and control over your assets.


After an attack, orchestrated through methods like spear-phishing, the hacker will quietly conduct reconnaissance to observe and map the network and its end-points to understand key network characteristics such as hostnames, operating systems and network topology. These are the prerequisites to expanding their control over your systems. See below for this process.


"Ridgeback is like using Weaponized Virtual Reality to thwart adversaries."
Something will always get compromised in your network and once it does, the attacker will now be operating from a trusted device inside the firewall. The challenge presented can be difficult to detect and address without Ridgeback.

Ridgeback’s patented technology is a true security solution – it stops lateral movement like no other product.
Don't let hackers roam around on your network. Reach out today to see Ridgeback firsthand, and help you experience its capabilities. 

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