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Review the solutions below to find one that aligns with your needs. If there is something close, chances are we can modifiy that solution or combine it with others and some TSI magic to fit your needs. Just reach out to us for help after you review the overviews.

Cyber Range as a Service ® for DoD, Finance, Healthcare


Cyber-ranges are complex lab infrastructures comprised of multi-vendor hardware and software components and tools, such as switches, servers, firewalls, and test tools. These components offer a a multitude of API’s, GUIs, and command line interfaces, many of which may not be automated. This diversity and complexity creates a steep learning curve for cyber-range personnel to become productive and can impede the cyber-range’s effectiveness. TSI's offering of CloudShell is the industry’s leading IaaS and Lab as a Service (LaaS) orchestration solution, offering cyber-ranges a single pane of glass to increase productivity through rapid automation and visual self-service or what we like to call,  Cyber Range as a Service® (CRaaS).  With CloudShell, IT teams can create a cyber-range as a service cloud that offers an easy to use self-service interface for users to rapidly allocate and provision environments for training or operational use cases. Any Cloud or resource can be used with CloudShell to create the ultimate cyber range environment. Click here to learn more about our CRaaS solution.

GIGAIO FabreX - High Performance Network Fabric

Gigaio and Cloudshell graphic.JPG

For your most demanding workloads, you need a faster way to network all of today’s diverse resources. The GigaIO hyper-performance network breaks the constraints of old architectures, opening up new configuration possibilities to maximize utilization of all elements within 

  • Extreme Flexibility

  • Breathtaking Performance

  • Do More With Less

  • Standards Based


GigaIO’s FabreX  unlocks the next generation of capabilities in data center performance and throughput, especially where low latency response times and high bandwidth are crucial, or where massive amounts of data needs to be analyzed for real-time predictive analytics. Use cases include:


  • AI/ML/DL

  • Cloud Computing

  • Edge Computing

  • High Performance Computing

  • Blockchain Applications

  • FinTech

  • Simulators

  • Data Modeling

GigaIO FabreX also breaks the constraints of old architectures, opening up new configuration possibilities to maximize utilization of all elements within your advanced scale computing systems.

  • Heterogeneous compute

  • Heterogeneous storage

  • IPC – low message latency

  • No unnecessary added networking protocols

Click here to learn more about our HPCaaS Solution.

AgileWARE - Agile Workflow And Resource Enablement 


Many issues arise when trying to implement DevOps or Openstack use cases across an increasing complex infrastructure of physical and virtual devices dealing with tools and apps all requiring automation to speed up their processes. Some of the issues they have are listed below.


  • Control physical as well as virtual resources

  • Scheduling, reserving, managing, deploying environments, supporting multiple tenancies

  • Handling new converged infrastructure AND legacy infrastructure

  • Automation of resource activities (both physical and virtual)

  • IT Admin activities: Auto-discovery, Lab resets, Resource health-checks

  • Powering down devices when not in use

  • Spinning up new resources based on demand

  • Configuration management, setup, user automation (testing, DevOps flows, Sandboxing, etc.)

  • Sharing of IP (automation, configurations, resources, etc.)

  • Metrics on the processes/activities, resources and users


Our as-a-service implementation of AgileWARE allows your workflows and your infrastructure to combine into a self service portal delivering the 'As-A-Service" capability to your organization.   Click here to learn more.

For the latest information on how our AgileWARE solution can support Work From Home and Work Remote use cases for those who work in labs, download our latest white paper on the topic. 

Demo or Customer facing  Service Providers - Lab as a Service or POC/POV or Test labs


In today's demanding software/hardware delivery and sales environment the ability to rapidly build out complex demonstration, validation or training environments with very complicated provisioning and setup can mean the difference between statisfying the customer and losing the customer. Having a customer or demo facing portal with their configuration in place to show how your software and hardware products can help them solve their problems will reduce the time to make a sale or demonstrate the functionality doing in hours and minutes instead of days or weeks. Click here to see a short demo on Lab as a Service (LaaS) using CloudShell from TSI.  

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