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TSI's HPCaaS featuring GigaIO's FabreX and TSI's CloudShell facilitating true Rack Scale Design

  • Easily share expensive resources between multiple servers, eliminating overprovisioning and reducing Capex


  • Precisely tune CPU/GPU/Storage ratios for each application


  • Lower Capex resulting from independent upgrade cycles for each compute/storage item

  • Lower Opex with reduced power consumption and automated management​

  • Strips away conversion and overhead layer with 100% PCI Express network

  • Full end-to-end latency below 200 nanoseconds

  • PCIe Gen 4 Throughput of 256Gbit/sec (half duplex), with a path to 512Gbit/sec in PCIe Gen 5

  • 100% PCI SIG Compliant


  • Open-Source APIs


  • Forward and backward compatible across server generations

  • Easily upgrade accelerators and storage without changing the entire rack of servers and software


  • Add or upgrade only what you need and when you need it


  • Benefit from industry-wide acceptance, the huge variety of choice, interoperability, and innovation in the PCIe ecosystem


  • Greater agility in application development, provisioning and life cycle management

  • Self Service portal for
    HPC Infrastructure
    LaaS, IaaS, PaaS,
    DevOps, Cloud ready


  • Vendor, Service, Cloud,
    Application and Tool


  • Enterprise level control of user base

  • Open Source Automation Model support


  • Support both onpremise HPC and Cloud based HPC from single plane of glass

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