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Welcome to Cyber Range as a Service® From TSI

Build your own cyber range quickly and easily to match your production network complete with DIY portal, Cyber libraries, malware traffic generation from KeySight/Ixia and over 250 cyber security NIST NICE framework self paced training and assessments from CyberStronger for all of your needs. Our new integrated Learning Management System jointly developed with Siber-Zincir offers a new level of ease of use both for admins, developers and end users. Use Scythe's Exploitation software to design your own red or purple team attack automation to provide realistic attacks to train on adhering to Mitre's attck framework. Setup your own on-demand infrastructure to practice Ransomware recovery referenced by NIST 1800-11. Allow your cyber engineers to practice their recovery skills to protect your entity from the next round of Cyber attacks. Use our After Action AI based Review solution from Shamaym to perform data analytics to learn from your training and cyber exercises across your user base. Support deploying your cyber range in any cloud, onpremise or hybrid including support for physical devices and OT resources too!

Our CRaaS offers a complete solution from training to exercises to full assessments supporting DevSecOPS complete with LMS and over 30 TBytes of content!


Provide Enterprise wide control with advanced reservation/scheduling delivering training matched to the NIST NICE framework roles with a catalog of hundreds of courses and performance assessments available on demand 24-7.


Our latest addition from Ridgeback adds automated network discovery, monitoring and deception capability to your network protection team providing realtime cyber protection.Click here for more info on Ridgeback!

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