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As a Systems Integrator and Value Added Reseller, TSI offers products and services which combine to form solutions to manage the lifecycle of your complex datacenter, lab, test, and infrastructure environments.  We do this by providing targeted application solutions for:



Clouds, Labs and Cyber Ranges

Automation and Orchestration

Telecom and Video Test

1. Test

2. DevOps and Infrastructure

3. Automation and Management

Helping you find the right solutions.

Analyzing your company's needs across your technology requirements, and providing products and services to empower your company to meet those needs is what we do. We help you solve your toughest technical problems by leveraging our expertise, software and unparalleled support. Give us a call to explore how we can help and learn how we have helped other innovators overcome their toughest challenges.

Telecom and Video Test


Automation & Orchestration

A complete set of solutions for IT, Test and Development in any company

Telecom and Video Test - TSI provides access to tools from companies like Device Partner, GL Communications and Ixia, covering the entire gamut of test from Mobile to Web and from Voice to Data. TSI has unique libraries that facilitate integration of these test tools and equipment into Quali's TestShell product, allowing for an ease of use and control of your testing environment unparalleled with other methods. Reach out to us today to learn how we have helped large Service Providers and NEMs around the world build quality into their products and services.


Infrastructure Clouds - Cypherpath's Software Defined Infrastructure Operating System SDI OS abstracts enterprise infrastructure: hardware, software, network resources, storage, and services into self-contained clouds. These clouds can then be deployed and managed on-demand across scale-out clusters of x86 based compute, NFS based storage, and IP based networking. This cloud infrastructure is completely under software control and can be provisioned dynamically by IT and DevOps teams to meet the needs of the applications and services that propel business. Cypherpath enables IT to scale out with infrastructure containers on commodity x86 hardware, and dramatically reduce costs. Build Education environments, cyber ranges and almost any virtual infrastructure in minutes.


Automation and Orchestration - Development, test, support, compliance, cyber-security and demo/PoC labs represent a significant investment for IT organizations. Without cloud automation to drive efficient and accountable resource sharing across teams and sites, labs can impede DevOps agility and suffer from dramatic under-utilization of space, power and capital equipment assets. Quali is the industry leader in turning lab infrastructure into Lab as a Service (LaaS) clouds. CloudShell empowers continuous integration and delivery, and offers significant operating (OPEX) and capital (CAPEX) expense savings.

Providing Automation Solutions for Infrastructure, Test, and Labs