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Analyzing your company's needs across your technology requirements and providing products and services to empower your company to meet those needs is what we do. We help you solve your toughest technical problems by leveraging our expertise, software, and unparalleled support. Give us a call to explore how we can help and learn how we have helped other innovators overcome their toughest challenges.

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Cyber Range as a Service®

Build your own cyber range quickly and easily to match your production network complete with Self-Service portal, embedded LMS, cyber libraries, malware traffic generation from KeySight/Ixia and Scythe's Mitre Att&ck exploitation software. Use over 250 self service cyber security labs and assessments from CyberStronger. Build Cyber Ranges, training environments, POC/POV self service web portals or pre-production versions of your production cloud/network and deploy in minutes or even seconds with our CRaaS solution for your Cyber exercise, training or DevSecOps needs. Use our After Action Review AI solution to develop analytics on your training and cyber exercises (From Shamaym). Add in our Ridgeback network protection tool to enable training of both red and blue team members as well as your CPT folks to protect your production networks from attacks with automated deception generation!


AgileWARE® for EaaS, LaaS

Use our Agile Workflow And Resource Enablement (AgileWARE®) solution to perform full orchestration,  provisioning, and automation of any network-centric process or environment.  Our products and services also allow you to offer environments as a service (EaaS), LaaS, IaaS, PaaS and TaaS over any combination of infrastructure, from legacy to public cloud.  Layer 1, SDN and NFV support enable any type of lab to be managed and automated. Easily support Cisco, Juniper and other major network devices both virtually and physically with out of the box automation. The new Work From Home/Remote (WFH/R) handling of your network can be controlled and managed with automation from TSI. Implement a Ransomware recovery practice range in AgileWARE® using the NIST 1800-11 Specification. Check out our latest Lab Maturity Model presentation to judge how automated your infrastructure lab is and could be!


HPC as a Service

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