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How many miles does your mouse travel? (or how hard are you working?)

Have you ever wondered how many clicks and commands you have done in a day?

Or perhaps how far your mouse has traveled across your screens?

Have you ever analyzed the steps you are performing over and over to get your work done?

In some cases, there is no avoiding the steps, the clicks, and the mouse travels but we have found there can be significant savings in these work actions in securing and utilizing cloud resources in a more efficient way.

We recently analyzed how many steps, clicks and mouse travels it takes to utilize cloud resources in AWS and compared it to infrastructure automation in a workflow framework like AgileWARE® from TSI. AgileWARE® (Agile Workflow And Resource Enablement), can help automate workflows and the infrastructure they run in no matter the workflow or the cloud.

Let’s say you wanted to deploy a small network depicted below:

The network created/deployed consists of one subnet with 7 Windows machines and 5 Linux machines. This could be typical of a CI/CD or DevOps environment.

The first section of the table below it shows the steps it took for setup all the way through completion of this infrastructure from initial generation then repeating the process on a regular basis in AWS. Note the total mouse travels of over 400 yards (nearly a quarter of a mile!) and hundreds of keystrokes and mouse clicks.

In the second section we show the same set of tasks in AgileWARE® (deploying in AWS the same infrastructure) - note that the mouse travels are reduced by an order of magnitude and keystrokes and mouse clicks are cut in half, not to mention major decreases in the time it takes to complete the deployment. While this comparison is done with AWS, other clouds will show similar results.

Column Headers

User Setup Duration – The time in minutes and seconds to complete each task.

Deploy Duration – The time it took AWS to deploy the instances.

Total Keystrokes – Total number of keystrokes to complete the task.

Total Mouse Clicks – Total number of mouse clicks to complete the task.

Yards/Inches – Total distance the mouse traveled to complete the task.

Administrators, power users and others who regularly setup network infrastructures for end user consumers can free up considerable amounts of time in deploying for their end users. In addition to this savings of time, the end user in many cases, can perform the administrative tasks to deploy the infrastructure themselves given the much less technical and simpler task in AgileWARE® to do the work. Also note that the access for each VM within the infrastructure is significantly quicker allowing users to save time accessing their workflows.

Do you have an infrastructure and workflow you utilize at your company that can be automated and delivered more efficiently? If so, or even if you are curious to see what you could automate, reach out to us to get an automation audit to understand the ROI you can achieve using AgileWARE® today.

To learn more about this kind of ROI and how to achieve it - download our white paper on AgileWARE® here!


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