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How to automate Work From Home/Work Remote (WFH/WR) for those who work in Labs

Since the pandemic, we all have had major changes to how and where we work. Those of us who are totally in the cloud are allowed to roam around the world looking for fast and secure internet connections to access our work. But what about those who deploy into bare metal? What about those using physical infrastructure or even those who use hybrid approaches with bare metal and the cloud? What about those who use IoT(Internet of Things) or ICS (Industrial Control Systems) where there are no cloud or virtual instances of the infrastructure? These folks still need someone onsite to check on the hardware, configure it, cable it, health check it and even cyber protect it. It is hard to do this remotely unless one has access to the newest tools and methodologies to support this work remote approach. Below is a diagram outlining many of the issues involved.

TSI's AgileWARE™ is a new solution to help. Agile Workflow And Resource Enablement provides the toolset to allow remote workers and their workflows to be lifecycle managed and controlled remotely. Imagine being able to build a new circuit topology, schedule and reserve it, configuration manage it, and do your workflow without ever having someone visit the lab to make the circuit changes, configure and update the infrastructure. This offers a huge savings in both time and people throughout the organization and allows for remote workers to work weekends, nights, and transfer work around the globe, to provide a much faster velocity of work across the organization.

AgileWARE's™ self service portal based on Quali's CloudShell can work across Layer 1 and Layer 2 switches to "re-cable" infrastructure yet also allow users to spin up cloud resources in combination with the bare metal environments. Imagine quickly supporting Shadow IT requests across multiple clouds with a single button click. Imagine automatically resolving resource conflicts when users request access to the same resources and back filling the usage of your infrastructure more efficiently. See all your users and your resources with the metrics of how your environment is running in real time. Supporting this level of automation and insight into your workflows such as ticketing, DevOps or even DevSecOps, and the infrastructures they consume, will allow companies to reach their task goals at a faster speed than ever before. See the numbers below for an example of savings by implementing this solution to support your Work From Home/Work Remote users. For more details on how we do it, just download the white paper here or for a more in depth understanding of how we can help, just reach out to us and we can demonstrate how to implement in your environment today!



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