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How to really cyber proof your environment

As you all update your OSes, applications, websites and containers adding in security and doing security monitoring, are you wondering if this is enough? Do you stay up late at night worrying if you have everything setup to be secure but you haven't tried a couple of new policies or tools because it was too hard or took to long to try it out?

What everyone needs is a sandbox to build your infrastructure rapidly, and try it out for yourself so you can get some sleep. To help as this sleep aid, take a look at some of our solutions such as Quali's CloudShell and Cypherpath.

These tools allow you to spin up production versions of your network, cloud or other IT infrastructure, provision and automate deploying it so you can do the what ifs and validations of your environment.

  • Use this to train your security folks on how to defend your infrastructure.

  • Turn junior IT engineers into senior ones rapidly by letting them get their hands dirty with complex infrastructure.

  • Setup different revisions of your production networks so you can try different performance and optimization tweaks.

  • Try out new releases of software or firmware and perform interoperability testing before production deployment.

While it does take some time to do these tasks, can you really afford not to in today's hostile IT world? These tools make it much easier to do. Reach out to your TSI contacts to try it for yourself. Let me know your thoughts and experiences as well.

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