Creating New Technology for the Data Center or HPC - HPCaaSS (High Performance Compute as a Self Ser

We haven’t updated our blog recently because we have been working hard on some new technology. When one looks at the efficiency of your data center or HPC(High Performance Compute) center, the numbers are truly awful. Our experience tells us that the utilization of the center is usually around 30%. Imagine if you could only use 30% of your car, or phone or local desktop? Not very good performance. So why do we settle for this in our centers? Well, one reason is infrastructure stacks in data centers are not optimized to fit the vast differences in workloads that are submitted against the static infrastructure configurations. The ability to recompose resources into usable stacks can be very

How Middleware can help

In the past, I have worked at companies like Dell, Microsoft, Amazon, Brocade and others and have found that although the tools and applications in use at those entities were different, the need for middleware to “glue” together infrastructure and workflows was a primary concern and certainly a heavy lift. All of these companies had access to open source tools and experienced DevOps engineers, however they all have turned to a middleware solution like Quali’s CloudShell. This allows for a single common framework needed to automate, scale and better manage the marriage of Dev and Ops. The nature of middleware is that it needs to constantly change (lifecycle) based on the needs of the organiza

CyberRange as a Service™

We have been cataloging various cyber range implementations across the many different types of ranges, everything from full physical to only in the public cloud and across different end user cases such as the Warfighter's exercises/training ranges, higher ed, and commercial cyber groups. In each case, the setup and automation of the implementation of the range is a constant challenge because of the changing landscape of tools, threats and demands by users. We have deduced from this review that there are a few common themes to how best to meet these changing needs and the life-cycle management for a typical cyber range use case. 1 –There needs to be a common, easy to use interface (ie a Cyber

Cyber Range 101 - Part 1: What is and why should you have a cyber range?

For those out there who are not 20 year cyber range exercise veterans, you are probably wondering what is a cyber range and what are they good for (or why do I need one). Cyber ranges are physical or virtual (or hybrid) replicas of your production environment that you can be used for cyber education and for strengthening your cyber protection. The first question to ask is why do I need one. Cyber ranges can be used to hone one’s skills; train the new cyber/IT interns in how to respond to a cyber event, validate that your production environments are cyber protected (both defensively and offensively), and even do what if scenarios so you can be ready for any cyber event. Take the time to explo

How to really cyber proof your environment

As you all update your OSes, applications, websites and containers adding in security and doing security monitoring, are you wondering if this is enough? Do you stay up late at night worrying if you have everything setup to be secure but you haven't tried a couple of new policies or tools because it was too hard or took to long to try it out? What everyone needs is a sandbox to build your infrastructure rapidly, and try it out for yourself so you can get some sleep. To help as this sleep aid, take a look at some of our solutions such as Quali's CloudShell and Cypherpath. These tools allow you to spin up production versions of your network, cloud or other IT infrastructure, provision and au

Build and easily deploy your own virtual cyber range for training or exercises for compliance and va

TSI, Quali and Cypherpath just recently delivered our latest educational webinar on what is possible in standing up security test benches for performing cyber testing of all sorts inside of infrastructure sandboxes. This solution allows healthcare, financial services, DoD and Government entities the ability to rapidly deploy cyber ranges for a variety of use cases. Learn more by viewing this recorded webinar here. Learn more about healthcare specific applications here. Learn more about financial services specific applications here. Learn more about DoD Cyber range specific applications here. #Cyberrange #Ixia #Cypherpath #Quali

Bare Metal Comeback in 2017

After working setting up some bare metal infrastructure thru IBM's Softlayer environment (now part of Bluemix), I realize that the pendulum may indeed be swinging back from the public cloud vendors to a more do it yourself approach of hosting on bare metal. The amount of VMs and capacity/performance you get when compared to offerings at AWS and other cloud providers when using your own cloud is quite substantial unless you are saddled with admin and maintenance costs of your infrastructure. Enter Cypherpath with an out of the box cloud SDI OS that does all the heavy lifting and lets you easily deploy, manage and even hyper-converge your infrastructure. Checkout the article in DZone/Cloud Zon

TQIC - Solution for Virtual DevOps Test Automation

We at TSI have been working on a new solution to help companies rapidly adopt DevOps test automation by combining products from Quali, Cypherpath and Ixia into a hyperconverged virtual environment that takes advantage of the ease of use and automation/provisioning strengths of CloudShell from Quali and ICS (Infrastructure Container System) from Cypherpath to deploy full virtual testing solutions with automation from Ixia. Alan Shimel from Container Journal recently published an article outlining the benefits of Infrastructure as a File (IaaF) and we have combined that with CloudShell's Orchestration cababilities and Ixia's leading virtual traffic generators like Ixia Developer and PerfectSto

Management, Provisioning and Automation for your Hybrid Infrastructure

Our customers have a growing list of issues when trying to implement DevOps or Openstack use cases across an increasing complex infrastructure of physical and virtual devices dealing with tools and apps all requiring automation to speed up their processes. Some of the issues they have are listed below. Control physical as well as virtual resources Scheduling, reserving, managing, deploying environments, supporting multiple tenancies Handling new converged infrastructure AND legacy infrastructure Automation of resource activities (both physical and virtual) IT Admin activities: Auto-discovery, Lab resets, Resource health-checks Powering down devices when not in use Spinning up new resources b

Automation for the masses

While we all worry about why job wages haven't increased, we seem to have more and more to do in our jobs. The increasing demands of productivity from our job means we need to find better ways to do tasks at hand, whether it is design, test, analysis, or whatever our task is called. In the service delivery world, it's about getting our service built, tested and released to our customers whether internal or external. The constant pressure to innovate and build upon previous successes with new features and expanded capability driven by our technology consumers causes large amounts of stress in ourselves and our organizations threatening their very being. Taking a step back, we must figure out

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