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Management, Provisioning and Automation for your Hybrid Infrastructure

Our customers have a growing list of issues when trying to implement DevOps or Openstack use cases across an increasing complex infrastructure of physical and virtual devices dealing with tools and apps all requiring automation to speed up their processes. Some of the issues they have are listed below.

  • Control physical as well as virtual resources

  • Scheduling, reserving, managing, deploying environments, supporting multiple tenancies

  • Handling new converged infrastructure AND legacy infrastructure

  • Automation of resource activities (both physical and virtual)

  • IT Admin activities: Auto-discovery, Lab resets, Resource health-checks

  • Powering down devices when not in use

  • Spinning up new resources based on demand

  • Configuration management, setup, user automation (testing, DevOps flows, Sandboxing, etc.)

  • Sharing of IP (automation, configurations, resources, etc.)

  • Metrics on the processes/activities, resources and users

We have developed an integration between two very capable products that provides a solution to these concerns. While not trivial to implement, the ROI that can be achieved is quite compelling whether you are managing a Cyber Range to a Data Center to a Telecom Service Network. Click here to see a recorded webinar for more information.

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