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How Middleware can help

In the past, I have worked at companies like Dell, Microsoft, Amazon, Brocade and others and have found that although the tools and applications in use at those entities were different, the need for middleware to “glue” together infrastructure and workflows was a primary concern and certainly a heavy lift. All of these companies had access to open source tools and experienced DevOps engineers, however they all have turned to a middleware solution like Quali’s CloudShell. This allows for a single common framework needed to automate, scale and better manage the marriage of Dev and Ops.

The nature of middleware is that it needs to constantly change (lifecycle) based on the needs of the organization, so a tool like CloudShell can provide this across a multitude of use cases for DevOps. CloudShell can also provide the ease of use to consume the workflows and infrastructures across the organization, supporting LaaS, IaaS, PaaS, TaaS, CyberRangeaaS, and more “as a service” needs.

Take a look at the Middleware technical presentation below to help explain how and why middleware makes sense for many organizations and why CloudShell can be an excellent choice for that middleware.

Or just reach out to us for more information at the bottom of the landing page to discovery how middleware from TSI can help for your DevOps automation use cases.

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